CANCELLED Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine Dermatology, Oregon

6 & 7th Nov 2021


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CANCELLED Due To Ongoing Travel Restrictions

DAY ONE & TWO: Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine Dermatology

The perfect Introductory Class in Chinese Medicine Dermatology taught by Master Dermatologist Mazin Al-Khafaji

This weekend presents a great opportunity to experience Mazin Al-Khafaji's work and to attend a clinically relevant and authoritative introduction to Chinese Medicine Dermatology.

Hosted at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, Oregon, this class serves as a pre-taster to his certification course.

The fee for the class is refundable  against the cost of the full Diploma course starting in 2022 in Portland Oregon and New York.

Skin disorders in their various forms are amongst the most common diseases suffered by mankind, accounting for no less than 1 in 5 of all hospital admissions to out patient departments in the Western world.

Despite this prevalence, and the resources put into this field, many patients remain dissatisfied with conventional treatment options available and look elsewhere for solutions.

Chinese Herbal Medicine has a very real and enduring answer for a significant number of sufferers of many diseases of the skin.

It can induce spectacular and long lasting change in a whole range of intractable conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis, and yet due to a lack of specialist training and clinical experience, numerous practitioners of Chinese medicine fail to achieve optimal results that should be well within their grasp.

This lecture is aimed at beginners as well as experienced practitioners who want to broaden their expertise and get an idea of what is achievable given  the correct approach.

Mazin explains his personal take on Chinese medicine in a detailed yet structured way that is easy to understand, and most importantly will give you tools to use immediately in your own practice.

He will present the fundamental principles of treating the commonest skin diseases using numerous case examples with many hundreds of photographic slides from his own practice.

Throughout the emphasis is put on practical and clinically relevant information, which will serve as a foundation to enable doctors to learn to understand the essential concepts required to construct effective formulae to suit the vagaries of clinical reality.

This event will serve as the perfect base for his upcoming Chinese Medicine Dermatology Certification Course, which since its inception in 2005 has become the epitome in Chinese Medicine Dermatology worldwide.

Mazin is an outstanding teacher, clinician and scholar, and has built an impressive reputation for his success rates in treating unusual and difficult diseases.

His teaching is firmly rooted in a lifetime of practising herbal medicine, and he generously shares his experiences derived during four years of study in China in the early eighties, and from his clinical work  over the last four decades at Avicenna in Hove, UK.

For many, attending Mazin's classes and mastering the material he teaches has become the missing link that changes their practice forever, and leads them to achieve dramatic and life changing results for their patients.


“Mazin’s dermatology class was invaluable for my clinical practice…We are fortunate to have a master like Mazin in the field of Chinese Medicine, I find his work and his teaching nothing short of AMAZING…”


Total fee - $300



We are NCCAOM Approved CEU/PDA Providers. CPD points to be confirmed.



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No refund if you cancel less than 14 days prior to course start.


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6 & 7th Nov 2021


OCOM, Portland, Oregon

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