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From Our Courses

Testimonials from Mazin's recent trip to Australia (May2019), with attendance at AACMAC in Melbourne and a 3-day seminar for China Books in Sydney:

"Mazin's seminar was the best seminar I have been to!!!! It was just terrific to learn from someone who is just so across everything including both eastern and western sciences, and very professional. I learnt so much, have remembered most of it as I was engaged the whole time, and I have already put my acquired herbal knowledge into practice. He has made my life at the clinic easier as I now thoroughly understand the pathology and thoroughly understand why every single herb is in a formula. I could have listened and learned from him for weeks.  It has made such a huge difference to me professionally." - Cynthia

“Mazin is a true master of Dermatology and treating skin disorders with TCM. His seminar was extremely practical whereby he presented many case histories of the various TCM pathologies related to skin diseases which we can translate into treating our own clients. The principles behind his treatment methods are often based on Wen Bing theory and also Shan Han Lun theory taking herb combinations seen in formulae to treat invasion of pathogens via the six stages or the four levels.
I have studied Wen Bing and Shang Han Lun via webinars and seminars from professors from Beijing since Mazin’s 2013 seminars and found it very interesting this time round with this extra knowledge, understanding how he is working with these classical formulae without needing to name them . Recognising the intricate workings of how he combines the principles of these classical theories into an individualised prescription was of great clinical significance which I’m sure we can all use in our own clinics. For example in a prescription he may use herbs to vent wind from the Wei Level, whilst clearing heat in Yang Ming or from the Qi level, whilst also cooling the Blood level making up a uniquely tapered script to fit all the pathologies that may present in a patient. He provided ongoing follow ups and explained clearly how he modified the treatments which was also very helpful.
Mazin is one of my favourite presenters in the world who is able to make the highly academic Chinese herbal school approach, where detailed knowledge of TCM classical formulae is imperative, somewhat more practical and user-friendly to the western practitioner using Chinese herbal medicine."
- Sally Charles

A small selection of the many comments reflecting the feedback on Mazin's recently completed USA Dermatology Certification Course 2017/18:

"Thank you so much for an amazing class! To say that it was transformative would be an understatement."

"Thank you Mazin Al-Khafaji for such a great course, as someone that had severe Atopic Eczema as a child, this course was deeply moving and impactful. Thanks so much for your generous sharing of your knowledge and experience!"

"What you have given in time and knowledge is truly priceless. Thank you for your gift from all of us. We'll miss you!"

"Thanks Mazin! I look forward to taking the series again."

"Thank you for your generosity of spirit and direct and candid manner. You are not only a master herbalist, you are a master teacher. And your kind and open tone says much about you as a healer and human being. I have always felt deficient in my skill set as an herbalist, and now I have a much firmer grasp and enough contextual knowledge, thanks to you, to begin a much more efficient and confident path towards treating difficult cases as an herbalist. This was a challenging but worthy year. I gained even more than I had hoped for. I look forward to more opportunities to study with you. With deepest appreciation! "

Impressions of past students in the UK, Europe, USA and Australia:

“ I am very grateful for Mazin’s generosity in sharing his personal clinic experience and his extraordinary wisdom of Chinese Herbal Medicine…”

“Mazin’s dermatology seminar was invaluable for my clinical practice…”

“Mazin’s seminar has given me renewed confidence to treat dermatology cases….”




“We are fortunate to have a master like Mazin in the field of Chinese Medicine, I find his work and his teaching nothing short of AMAZING…”

“This was possibly the most valuable seminar I have attended to date. A million times thank you!”

“Thanks for your lecture input. It is always humbling and I now know why. It isn’t so much that the theory is complex, which as you say, is standard TCM.

Neither is it that your formulas are elegant, which is down to your vast experience, but more that you have given the patient a new life to replace what must have been torture.

To be able to do this using centuries of knowledge and a few herbs is in itself humbling and inspiring...and you are a truly great teacher to continue this traditional knowledge.

You deserve your place as guest of honour at the top table in China.”


Mazin's message to all his students with a passion for Chinese Medicine worldwide:

"Thank you for your appreciative comments and generous feedback! 

I am really touched.

The biggest buzz I get is when a student tells me that they have managed to achieve a result in their clinic by applying what I have learnt from my observations over the years and passed on to them.  It really is one of my greatest privileges and pleasures!"


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